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Comments by Shai Vashdi (Top 23 by date)

Shai Vashdi 20-May-14 12:32pm View    
You most welcome, please mark the question as answered.
Shai Vashdi 19-May-14 8:49am View    
I still don't understand... please clarify.
Shai Vashdi 16-May-14 7:14am View    
Are you sure that the method UpdatePropertyGrid is being called? Please put a break point there to verify...
Shai Vashdi 16-May-14 4:54am View    
Hi Snprani,

Thank you. The example I've wrote is based on most of the code you wrote above. Clearly the problem is related to the code of the TreeView. Please share the code.
Shai Vashdi 15-May-14 14:14pm View    
I've showed you how to change the window location above. Just register to the Window State changed event, and then change the size and location