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Comments by Saineshwar Bageri (Top 18 by date)

Saineshwar Bageri 28-Dec-17 1:33am View    
Can you use stored procedure for getting data using entity framework and then bind that collection to dropdownlist.
Saineshwar Bageri 27-Dec-17 2:09am View    
This are some Generic-Repository Example might help you.

Saineshwar Bageri 26-Dec-17 5:09am View    
Is there any error you are facing.
Saineshwar Bageri 22-Dec-17 1:42am View    
1. Are you uploading document using Ajax ?
2. If you want to get updated download link then add link part into partial view then call partial view after submit click.
Saineshwar Bageri 21-Nov-17 2:21am View    
this link might help you