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faisalthayyil 20-Jan-19 4:22am View    
it was infinite looping when i changed result.AddRange(GetAllChildren(parentId)); to result.AddRange(GetAllChildren(employee.Id ));.it is only the problem it adds 2 extra count for each I have decided to deduct 2 from the result.count
faisalthayyil 20-Jan-19 2:24am View    
I have made changes for I INotifyPropertyChanged . As you said , I have implemented INotifyPropertyChanged in Viewmodelbase class.The error in the model class in GetAllChildren method "An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in DevLake.OrgChart.UI.exe" in the line result.AddRange(GetAllChildren(parentId)).I have noticed same method is working fine if I run with commented code in the same method for direct employee.
faisalthayyil 19-Jan-19 22:26pm View    
I have modified Model class by including recursion method(GetAllChildren).But while running this method throws error in the line result.AddRange(GetAllChildren(parentId));