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Comments by shupike (Top 2 by date)

shupike 14-Feb-24 3:13am View    
You know that the strangest thing is that if I add a variable for the Edit control through the ClassWizard, an error "Access violation" error - NTDLL.DLL (0xC0000005) occurs, but if I write it manually in the *.h and *.cpp files, it works, but after that the values of the variables stop being displayed when the cursor is hovered over them. And this is no longer being corrected. I don’t understand why the ClassWizard doesn’t accept new variables.
shupike 9-Feb-24 9:48am View    
You know - I just added all necessary strings manually and it works! I mean - without Class Wizard using. Looks like some problem in Visual Studio - how do you think?