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Comments by Punamchand Dhuppad (Top 18 by date)

Punamchand Dhuppad 5-Dec-14 5:54am View    
Did you get mycanvas1 object value in "obj" object ?
Punamchand Dhuppad 8-Aug-14 4:29am View    
I got the solution for this on MSDN refer this link and example this will solved your problem. This is explain you "How to bind Command to button in DataTemplate in Windows Store app". Download this example and us its Command folder classes.

Hope this will help you.
Punamchand Dhuppad 7-Aug-14 7:24am View    
you can do this with file extension also.
Punamchand Dhuppad 7-Aug-14 7:16am View    
what is mean by "kind" of file ?
You mean "filetype" ?
Punamchand Dhuppad 24-Jul-14 5:09am View
Search on google "pass data form Controller To View" it will give you lots of example

Now hope it will help you. It just a matter of binding any SelectList value to your dropdown.