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Vikramdcecse 6-Nov-12 18:08pm View    
hey thanks sandeep, i tried the app.htm it worked but one more condition
Note :- Some users should be able to access the application for testing purpose, remaining all user should be denied access and redirected to Down page.
Authentication Used : Windows
Vikramdcecse 14-Jun-12 1:25am View    
Hi Chasfer,
I tried with the links which you had provide , but I am not able to get the correct solution for directly opening the excel file.
By default in silverlight we have only OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog. I want the Download popup window when clicked on export to excel so when user clicks on open it should open the excel directly.

I am using a webapplication

Please advice.
Vikramdcecse 12-Jun-12 6:38am View    
Thanks Chasfer for the reference
Vikramdcecse 11-Jun-12 7:25am View    
Kindly provide overview so that I could proceed . . I am new to Silverlight
Vikramdcecse 31-Mar-12 19:53pm View    
Structure of the two tables remains same
1. FirstName
2. LastName
3. Department Working
4. Age
5. Comments1
6. comments2

I dont have primary key columns, rather than that composite keys, (FirstName+LastName+DepartmentWorking.
I dont have any date column as well