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Comments by Fardan (Top 18 by date)

Fardan 1-May-12 15:56pm View    
not here
Fardan 22-Mar-12 13:31pm View    
They cliam that they are experts. They cheat in interviews. After employment, they fill the internet with these questions: "How can I do my job? How can I write the code? What is Console.Write("Hello")?"
Fardan 12-Mar-12 14:26pm View    
Do u want the code?
Fardan 5-Mar-12 19:19pm View    
What's the problem?
Want a Link?
Have a question?
The code doesn't work?
Fardan 21-Feb-12 4:03am View    
I used it in my Web.config but Page_Load is not runing yet.