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Comments by srilekhamenon (Top 101 by date)

srilekhamenon 4-May-20 7:31am View    
thanks, i will go through it
srilekhamenon 29-Dec-18 11:41am View    
set your width at grid.Loaded event and it will work :)
srilekhamenon 27-Sep-18 9:32am View
srilekhamenon 8-Sep-18 13:34pm View    
thankyou sir i solved my problem by using conversion function WideCharToMultiByte
srilekhamenon 7-Sep-18 8:36am View    
iam getting this output
Warning C4477 'printf' : format string '%S' requires an argument of type 'unsigned short *', but variadic argument 1 has type 'UCHAR *'