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555336 2-May-11 14:32pm View    
@SAKryukov, I got the answer...Append in streamwriter does create
555336 2-May-11 10:40am View    
No, I have declared my filename. my text file is in the debug folder, so I put:

555336 2-May-11 10:37am View    
I did read this article, I posted this because some people are not believing me that only Append can create a file if it does not exist. It is not necessary to add a Boolean of Create filestream. I just need a confirmation of 'Yes' or 'No' from you that's all. Because on my PC it does create the text file even it does not exist.
555336 2-May-11 7:17am View    
Does Append ONLY also create?
555336 2-May-11 6:48am View    
I'm new in that's why I want a confirmation if Append also many are saying only Create which creates file not Append. Even I have read many articles, they did not mention that Append also creates.