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uspatel 8-Sep-17 11:56am View    
It was answered to keep in mind 10th standard student.):
I am trying to answer your doubt, See that list can never be abstract class, that list itself does not have any kind of implementation. The person(class) who are going to implement that list (interface) can implement all the methods in the list or person can play a role of abstract class, some methods he can implement and other he can mention as abstract to his child class. As abstract class can implement the interface in this case abstract class can provide definition to some relevant methods and make other methods as abstract those will be implemented by child class of that abstract class.
Hope it helps.
uspatel 6-Sep-17 6:56am View    
Thanks Santosh..
uspatel 24-Aug-17 8:34am View    
uspatel 13-Jul-15 8:41am View    
Yes,there is a delegate,TestStateHandler
uspatel 25-Aug-14 1:08am View    
check your CSS,It may be due to wrong CSS.