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Comments by Harry von Borstel (Top 4 by date)

Harry von Borstel 7-Sep-12 5:10am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
I'd recommend a little change (see my comment "Re: SetProperty overload"). However, it's a great tip.
For a bigger application I would use TVM (see, because this avoids refactoring desasters in XAML as well.
Harry von Borstel 8-Feb-12 9:22am View    
I've made a little update that fixed the code for deletes and allows to omit trace information.
Harry von Borstel 8-Feb-12 3:24am View    
Good question. Try to post it in the C# forum (
Harry von Borstel 1-Feb-12 2:45am View    
Thanks! Does anyone have an idea how to make it "cleaner"?