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Comments by Dávid Kocsis (Top 12 by date)

Dávid Kocsis 18-Oct-12 4:11am View    
Thanks, I will read it.
Dávid Kocsis 18-Oct-12 3:46am View    
For the C++ library it is set to Win32, for the C# it is set to x86. So it is the same as I know.
Dávid Kocsis 7-Jan-12 14:44pm View    
Thank You. On my laptop it worked as a simple stack overflow, so I could easily track down the problem.
On my other computer It had occured when none of my functions had been called yet according to the call stack, so I hadn't tried breakpoints, because I thought it couldn't be reached, and it's a .NET bug.
Dávid Kocsis 7-Jan-12 5:27am View    
Thanks, I'll try to find it. It's 37 166 lines long, so won't be simple.
Dávid Kocsis 14-Sep-11 0:53am View    
I haven't specified any path, because its in the MinGW directory, and I only know where it is in my computer, in other computers it probably in another directory