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pramod.hegde 26-Jul-17 5:36am View    
Well, its not a joke !!
If you observe, Header h = hp.Header; will give the document header object.
Later, one can easily 'set string' header to h.

FYI, without knowing the actual user code, providing a complete solution is not possible.

You have any better example ?? then use Solution box, not the Comment !
pramod.hegde 23-May-13 11:45am View    
No. If you want the event handler to execute many times, then do not unsubscribe.
pramod.hegde 23-May-13 7:51am View    
Your question is not clear. Is your equation an image?
Put some sample data.
pramod.hegde 23-May-13 7:48am View    
First of all,
rchblknew.LayoutUpdated += new EventHandler<object>(mytest_LayoutUpdated);
this line of code, only subscribes to the event. It tells what is the handler (mytest_LayoutUpdated) when the event is raised.
Since you have subscribed the event thrice, mytest_LayoutUpdated method should get executed 3 times.

Just check whether you have unsubscribed the event anywhere in the handler code..
do you have something like this in the actual code.
rchblknew.LayoutUpdated -= new EventHandler<object>(mytest_LayoutUpdated);
pramod.hegde 23-May-13 6:45am View    
Provide the actual query which you want to optimize.