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Comments by Stephen Wiria (Top 19 by date)

Stephen Wiria 1-Aug-11 20:38pm View    
Sorry but what is the relation between your code and C++ MySQL?
From what I see it's VB/VBA and MS Access?
Stephen Wiria 27-Jul-11 18:42pm View    
Thanks a lot :)
Stephen Wiria 27-Jul-11 10:26am View    
I believe that are 2 different things to achieve. One part is connecting/accesing MySQL, and the other one is doing DML (INSERT) and DDL (GRANT)
Stephen Wiria 27-Jul-11 4:27am View    
Great answer!
Stephen Wiria 25-Jul-11 10:17am View    
There's an interesting article and discussion from Raymond related to this: