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JBobby 27-Feb-15 11:12am View    
+5 for good explanation. :) thank you very much. :)
JBobby 27-Feb-15 11:11am View    
+5 for your answer. :) thank you very much.
JBobby 27-Feb-15 9:34am View    
No, I meant I retrieved the data from Google Gmail using its api. I was talking about the data representation I posted on my question. They are Gmail Custom Label Structure. Parent/Parent2/Parent3/child. Where Parent is the parent of Parent2, Parent2 is the parent of Parent3 and Parent3 is the parent of child. I need an algorithm to put this data into a tree structure so that I can figure out the relationship between the pair(parent/child). I am completely new to Tree Structure and C# collections so anything might be useful for me. Your class looks pretty good.
JBobby 27-Feb-15 7:56am View    
Ok Bill. No, I don't have any, unfortunately.
JBobby 27-Feb-15 7:55am View    
Ok Bill. No, I don't unfortunately.