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Comments by Dennis E White (Top 18 by date)

Dennis E White 23-Aug-18 10:08am View    
have you even tried to google this yourself?? I did a quick google and came up with several examples.
Dennis E White 17-Aug-18 15:09pm View    
without actually seeing everything I can't help more. there is no reason for getElementById() to return null if everything is there properly.
Dennis E White 16-Aug-18 10:18am View    
so if you are formatting your call to getElementById(..) properly and running this from developer tools but it's returning null then the problem is most likely going to be one of the following:

- the element you are searching for wasn't properly closed.
- you have multiple elements sharing the same id.
Dennis E White 15-Aug-18 11:13am View    
have you tried running the code in something like chrome developer tools?
Dennis E White 20-Sep-14 1:34am View    
I think it's just a timing issue of how the page is rendered and delivered from the server.