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MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 17:53pm View    
Because I am man of word. I said I would and I did. Life is hard enough without adding complexity exceptions. Apologies never have the word but in them also. Have an awesome day! Oh I intend to read all these articles you have written. They look awesome and fascinating.

Kind Regards,
Mark Wardell
MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 17:18pm View    
Sascha: This clearly must have been responded to prior to my clear-cut man-sized apology. Everyone is off the hook. Have an awesome day!
MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 16:12pm View    
You have been "vouched" for! Awesome! As I indicated I would do : I apologize for my misunderstanding your hi value at cp! Rock on Sergey!
Kind regards
MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 12:42pm View    
No it is a base of TWO. Not baseless. Just a small sample set to the great help you have provided CodeProject. I am sure someone will come to vouch for you after all you have answered THOUSANDS of questions. At that point I will likewise promptly apologize. I will wait for that and stay flexible until then.

Thanks for your time.
Mark Wardell
MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 12:08pm View    
Sergey the point of this forum is not opinion but solutions.

Sorry about the "as usual" as I have only seen you answer two questions no more no less. 1) about DDE debugging. and 2) this meaningless answer. So far both times answers were off-topic and unhelpful.
The point here is not to provide opinions as you suggest, but solutions:

So i was wrong to say "as usual." I now further see you answer THOUSANDS of questions here. Surely you have been helpful at some point to somebody. Someone please vouch for Sergey here!! However in my observation from my viewpoint it should read AS ALWAYS. So glad you are open. Also glad to hear that you are concerned what other members think. Also sorry to not provide no meaningful feedback and being so brief.

If you would like to point me to an answer where you have been helpful in solving a problem I will read and re-assess and promptly apologize - Fair Enough?

Mark Wardell