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PaulowniaK 15-Apr-13 2:51am View    
Thanks for the tip. That makes sense!
However, I have another problem. #import "mydll.dll" is fine, but the dll's name and the type library's name are different so causes a compilation error.

Basically, it can find mydll.dll but it can't find its type library which is mydllobject (although the actual file name is mydll.tlb).

When I do all this in C#, adding mydll.dll to references automatically lists up mydllobject.

Could you please help?

PaulowniaK 24-Jan-13 1:12am View    
Sadly, neither modification seems to help... :(
PaulowniaK 7-Nov-12 1:02am View    
Well, actually, I was beginning to think about rewriting the COM from scratch and see where it falls over. It's great to get someone else telling me that as well. Thanks.

I'd love to get rid of this entanglement of obsolete and new technology too!
PaulowniaK 7-Nov-12 0:39am View    
HiThanks for your help.
I had a look with OLE Viewer and found that indeed it is having problems with the type library.
I understand the use of tlbimp but I'm wondering why all other COMs got added without tlbimp but this one is having problems?

I modified the .rc file and added




which I thought did the trick.
PaulowniaK 7-Nov-12 0:27am View    
I take your point, but in which case, which part do you need? Since the problem is that I don't know what the problem is I'm having trouble extracting the relevant part to write a pseudo code.