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Comments by William Winner (Top 200 by date)

William Winner 14-Mar-11 16:32pm View    
You are getting what error??? We can't help you unless you tell us what error you're getting.
William Winner 11-Mar-11 16:52pm View    
Um...ok. Thanks?
William Winner 11-Mar-11 16:36pm View    
How is it that you've been around here for over a year and you're not familiar with good ole Dalek Dave?
William Winner 11-Mar-11 16:31pm View    
Can I just ask....

why in the world did you write this: Convert.ToInt32("0")???
William Winner 11-Mar-11 16:29pm View    
From OP:

and inplace of

listProduseStoc.Items.Add(new ListViewItem(new string[] { dtProduseStoc.Rows[i]["ContractNumar"].ToString(), dtProduseStoc.Rows[i]["DescriereProdus"].ToString(), dtProduseStoc.Rows[i]["PretAchizitie"].ToString(), dtProduseStoc.Rows[i]["PretVanzare"].ToString(), dtProduseStoc.Rows[i]["AdaugatLaData"].ToString(), dtProduseStoc.Rows[i]["AdaugatDe"].ToString(), dtProduseStoc.Rows[i]["Achizitie"].ToString(), dtProduseStoc.Rows[i]["AlteInformatii"].ToString() }));

what to use