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englebart 11-Mar-22 20:10pm View    
This seems like a very hard problem to solve. You should probably require the name of the locale in addition to the number.

Is 1,000
- one thousand or
- one with accuracy expressed to the 3rd decimal position (thousandths)

It depends on your locale! Therefore locale is a required input.
englebart 23-Jan-22 13:41pm View    
I think the Q is more about how to tie a form button event to the code that is already working as a Console app.

Next clarification might be instead of reading from a file, should the comm port output be calculated or come from a text control on the form.
englebart 23-Nov-10 8:24am View    
I asked the admin to add the return address to the safe list, and he did forward me one batch of emails from the quarantine, but some other setting must be blocking it. There is a link in the emails like this, but they do not give you a high level "folder" view of the last few days. I get tired of guessing the mlids. I guess I could write an archiver to grab the page I want. I will check for an RSS option.