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Comments by Arun Vasu (Top 33 by date)

Arun Vasu 7-Jul-17 6:08am View    
I hope your console application is doing background work,so you can achieve the goal using window service instead of console application.
Arun Vasu 30-Jun-17 15:36pm View    
Thanks for your quick reply.

You can see both text file.. initially it's taking correct path of solution, this will change only after finishing few steps.. You can see that in this image..
Arun Vasu 6-Jun-13 3:34am View    
Thanks for your help.
My problem is, i have huge number of Excel file. in that i want to search that text in which excel file, in which sheet, and which row that text search is found.
Arun Vasu 3-Jun-13 2:35am View    
please explain your issue little bit elaborate. then some one can help you clearly.
Arun Vasu 31-May-13 1:23am View    
My need is:
I have one web application. After One process a page shows one message box, it may successfully inserted, or updated or its return guid() value or if any exception in process it will show in that application. My requirement is i want to read that message box content using that i need to take some action. for this i need the solutions.