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Comments by Alexandre Bencz (Top 41 by date)

Alexandre Bencz 23-Sep-16 14:59pm View    
Flat assembler have an simple IDE too, very simple to use... :)
Alexandre Bencz 28-Jan-14 8:46am View    
Yes, I know that!!!!!!! ...... how I can send the file to the printer so ?
Alexandre Bencz 2-Jan-14 7:49am View    
I just want to simplify this procedure, only to return me the information without creating the update command...
for example, I enter the parameters of the procedure with the LSN range that I want him back to me, and it returns me the information, I believe, it is not complicated, because virtually everything is already done, but I do not know how do this :(
Alexandre Bencz 2-Jan-14 7:38am View    
was the first thing I did ...
Alexandre Bencz 10-Dec-13 12:37pm View    
Sorry, but, I really do not understand why to translate spanish?