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Comments by Mohammad Reza Valadkhani (Top 69 by date)

Mohammad Reza Valadkhani 17-Jan-23 2:50am View    
I recommend you to read again Design patterns, it will help to understand what solution would be appropriate for your code, I look at this question in my own way that you need static parameter to be accessible from somewhere, your approach is work, but in OO we have to consider many things to have high level class code structure
Mohammad Reza Valadkhani 17-Jan-23 2:44am View    
Please note videoView has MediaPlayer property, you can create your mediaplayer instance and set your values ( same as what you've done before to read from memory stream using MediaInput ) and then refer videoView.MediaPlayer to your MediaPlayer instance and from now control your mediaplayer from VideoView.MediaPlayer. so just do it again in case of problem, please share your VLC debug log messages to find out issues
Mohammad Reza Valadkhani 6-Mar-21 10:31am View    
sorry for late response is your problem fixed? if need help let me know
Mohammad Reza Valadkhani 15-Mar-16 9:11am View    
double check your database, if you have enough access try to check your query interaction in your SQL server to find out the error, technically this error happen when your table or filed is missing.
Mohammad Reza Valadkhani 15-Mar-16 9:02am View    
Could you explain more about your problem