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Comments by Dr. Song Li (Top 4 by date)

Dr. Song Li 2-Feb-12 22:40pm View    
I posted a bug at the address. CodeProject has helped me to resolve the problem.
Dr. Song Li 31-Jan-12 10:01am View    
Actually I did not upload any file yet.

What I have done:
I deleted the original article and re-did the process and used a shortened article path, but I still see the same problem.
Dr. Song Li 5-Jun-11 18:58pm View    
Hopefully, ORMs do not only give me issues, but some advantages that makes me want to use them. I am struggling ...
Dr. Song Li 5-Jun-11 18:55pm View    
Thanks ... Just a quick question. When you state the advantages, are you comparing with data accesses using in-line SQL (or mostly use in-line SQL, and when ORM causing some issues, use stored procedure as a substitute)?

I am trying to get a comparison between ORM solution and the 100% stored procedure solution. Any comments? Well, I personally favor the 100% stored procedure solution, because it does provide better security, faster speed (in certain cases, the level of speed difference can be significent!), easier transaction and isolation level control. Most importantly, you are controlling the SQL commands issued to the database engine. You can take advantage of any possible features that the database engine provides to you. Because you are commanding what the database engine what/how/when to do, you have better confidence on the behavior on your code, which results into few bugs and less burden of testing (including unit testing).

But I definitely do not want to be so self judged. I really want to get a convincing reason to use ORMs, so I do not miss any good things come with them.

Any comments? Thanks ...