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Comments by lewax00 (Top 200 by date)

lewax00 18-Oct-13 18:33pm View    
Ah, I wasn't aware IsNullOrWhiteSpace wasn't available until .NET 4.0, good point then.
lewax00 18-Oct-13 17:29pm View    
I agree, that is a much cleaner option.
lewax00 2-Aug-13 17:23pm View    
I wanted to +5 this too, but then realized you were the answerer. You might want to edit that information into your answer though, it's kind of important.
lewax00 25-Jul-13 10:07am View    
In what context? A C++ server with JavaScript client side in a web browser? A C++ program that can be scripted with JavaScript? This makes no sense as it's written.
lewax00 23-Jul-13 12:03pm View    
Does that even compile? I'm pretty sure when passing arrays as parameters you have to specify the size in the parameter list or use a pointer. [e.g. void callbyvalue1(char a[10],char b[10]) or void callbyvalue1(char *a, char *b)]