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Comments by jochance (Top 9 by date)

jochance 1-Feb-24 9:22am View    
We can be a terse and uninviting people.

We'll start "helping" leading off with, "As we expalined in your previous question on the same subject" and insist its simply giving advice.

If someone comes and says, "hey but you can't just run with appropriate types end to end here" we help those people by telling them they don't know databases.

I recall now why I mostly just avoid these sorts of discussions.

You weren't awful, I just thought it wasn't very nice.
jochance 1-Feb-24 9:03am View    
Hurr durr, yeah sure. Just because that's a concern also does not make it possible to just "use proper types" from the start.

I'll leave you alone though. Apparently it doesn't matter if it's a new programmer or an old one, you just like abusing them. :)
jochance 31-Jan-24 14:16pm View    
If you say so... "do not use strings for all your numeric, Date and Time values"
jochance 30-Jan-24 19:33pm View    
Unfortunately, you can't really set a type for a Text control so string->number conversion just has to happen. This looks like winforms/WPF.
jochance 30-Jan-24 19:26pm View    
GUIDs will almost definitely have less of a chance for collision than this snowflake thing.

"The odds of two GUIDs colliding are therefore one in 2¹²²" (from google)

Note that this is a larger value than the entirety of the 64bit int (long) range of possible values.