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sjs4u 19-Aug-11 5:41am View    
can you give me example in the above case or do you have any link for the same?
sjs4u 1-Dec-10 8:34am View    
I am using store procedure in that I am getting records of root node and I am binding to tree and after that on that root nodes id I am fetching child node from the db and binding to tree view
sjs4u 20-Aug-10 5:40am View    
Thanks for your reply.

On Start import file Button Click event I have written code :-
myThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(delegate() { myfun(FileNameList); }));

Now my myfun() contains DB operation like I m inserting the records using for loop

Now I want to stop that thread on the second button that is abort button

So How can I write the code to kill or stop or abort the database iteration.