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Comments by Bigdeak (Top 4 by date)

Bigdeak 19-Jul-10 5:02am View    
Thanks for you feedback. I will use a association, because i may have more classes like the TableHandler, for examble a class for methods like "ExistsColumn" i can associate in this class later, too.
With a Inheritance it will be difficult to expand the class.
Bigdeak 1-Jul-10 4:11am View    
Reason for my vote of 3
This is trivial for people with a bit experience.
But for beginners it's a nice tip.
You should name it "Replace specified chars in string" or something in my oppinion.
Bigdeak 1-Jul-10 4:05am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice to know! :)
Bigdeak 18-Jun-10 3:50am View    
I wan't to help, but i really don't understand, what are you planning to do. Can you explain you question preciser?