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Comments by Brady Kelly (Top 105 by date)

Brady Kelly 24-Mar-20 15:39pm View    
Integrated Security=false;
Really? For Windows Auth we really want: Integrated Security=true;
Brady Kelly 22-Nov-19 7:39am View    
EPPlus does support *creating* macros. See solution 3.
Brady Kelly 23-May-18 6:26am View    
Amazingly enough, this solved my problem too.
Brady Kelly 18-Apr-18 23:43pm View    
Elmah will only cause an Access is denied if I try and access the Elmah log with the ../elmah.axd url.
Brady Kelly 11-Dec-17 7:01am View    
Concatenating or buiolding strings is a most clumsy way of creating an HTML page. There are HTML and XML specific classes to help us do this properly, like building a house according to plan instead of a plain, round mud hut.