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Comments by Terrence Sheflin (Top 5 by date)

Terrence Sheflin 15-Mar-16 14:29pm View    
The issue is this is just a small reproducible snippet from a much large web application where I actually do require it. So unfortunately I need to think of a way to fix it (I actually have 3 more levels of nesting in my actual code, and it happens multiple times).
Terrence Sheflin 15-Mar-16 13:10pm View    
I don't think I can really wait, I need to find a solution.
Terrence Sheflin 15-Mar-16 12:55pm View    
Unfortunately I already know how to use flexbox, that isn't the issue here. The issue is with this rendering. Using row / column / row is perfectly acceptable (and I have a good reason for doing it).
Terrence Sheflin 5-Sep-14 14:35pm View    
That is my work colleague.
Terrence Sheflin 5-Sep-14 14:35pm View    
IIS7 and 7.5