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Pheonyx 23-Sep-16 4:34am View    
Rather then trying to change your input, why don't you change your select?
Select based on "ParentID" Concact with "ChildID" == input.


Input = "112"
ParentID = "1"
ChildId = "12"

ParentId + ChildId = "112"

ParentId + ChildId = Input

By the way, saying "I want to make this software type" isn't very helpful. What you need is a clear explanation of your problem and why you are doing what you are doing. For example, I'm trying to find an entry in Table A based on Input A. Input A is a string that consists of X Y Z. Then provide a clear explanation of the table structure, the rules associating Input A to the data in Table A and concise snippets of code you've tried and where the issue lies. People aren't going to help you make a complete piece of software the scope is WAY too big.
Pheonyx 11-Jan-16 5:06am View    
What have you tried, where are you stuck? Try explaining your situation further showing code where applicable to describe what you have already done and what exactly isn't working.
Pheonyx 11-Jan-16 5:05am View    
This question is not likely to get you much help, I would suggest you edit your current statement to include what you've tried/researched and where exactly you have gotten stuck. Things to consider might be .ToString(), Database fields for storing daily increment value etc.
Pheonyx 11-Jan-16 5:02am View    
I'm afraid not, I don't know c++ myself.
Pheonyx 5-Jan-16 8:59am View    
Thanks Nathan,

Feel free to put your comment down as an answer. It's been very helpful.