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MatthysDT 1-Sep-15 5:48am View    
As just proven by me. Thanks ALFRED!
MatthysDT 14-Jan-15 3:31am View    
You're right, I think my asking the question here is pre-mature, I actually expected this response but thought I'd try my luck, I'll retract and re-ask at a later stage. Thank you anyway.
MatthysDT 16-Sep-14 3:04am View    
Changed the title, that better?
MatthysDT 21-May-14 3:06am View    
Hi Shrikant, the accepted solution for this post was Application.Restart() and it works like a charm!
MatthysDT 8-Mar-13 2:55am View    
O.k, didn't get quite the answer I was looking for, but the general idea is that I should at least encrypt the files, roger that. So answer accepted... thank you!
Can I ask a plain question and hope to get a YES/NO answer from it?
Q: With Directory Browsing disabled, is there any way for an attacker to determine the names of one or more files within an un-browsable directory on that server? (Given that the names are randomly generated, so ignore the possibility of guessing the files names when answering).