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merano 3-Aug-15 13:35pm View    
(1)Note that the background is not filled when the CMFCButton::m_bTransparent member variable is TRUE.

(2)SetFaceColor() is ignored by modern theme engines. The wizard greates something like:


You can comment this line out to disable custom MFC themes. This works, but the button
will not look good because of classic theme.

Possibly you can Load a Color-Bitmap to get the color you want.

Another solution would be to do an ownerdraw button - handling the OnDrawItem() or WM_DRAWITEM
message and do the painting yourself.
merano 4-Feb-15 18:11pm View    
merano 4-Feb-15 17:41pm View    
There is no need to store mWindowTitle, mWidth and mHeight at all. They can be easy accessed over mHwnd.

For several Windows it would be better to store mHwnd as a vector.
merano 19-Apr-14 14:52pm View    
Have the Invaders a strategie, do they come down per random or something else ?

You can do all that in AnimateAlienBullets; just write a AlienMove() Funktion and add it below "case '@':"

You are far away from your initial question. Please close this Question, dont forget to vote.

If you have new Questions open a new Question and show your actual code. Bye.
merano 18-Apr-14 2:30am View    
1. The Levels ARE implemented, just add it to the menu yourself (its your work,easy)
2. You can add a Timer like this:
// Create a waitable timer.
HANDLE hTimer = CreateWaitableTimer(NULL, TRUE, "WaitableTimer");


// Set a timer to wait for 10 seconds.
SetWaitableTimer(hTimer, &liDueTime, 0, NULL, NULL, 0))

// Wait for the timer.
WaitForSingleObject(hTimer, INFINITE);

Note that no Errorhandling is included, but should be!
3. Cant belive that my gotoxy does not work for windows, if you have
another OS you have to look for a solution for that.

By the Way - what Compiler and OS do you use ? My code is testet with VisualStudio.