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build56 9-Aug-22 5:00am View    
Okay done all of the above and gave 100 stars ha ha ha ha ha

Thank you
build56 9-Aug-22 4:58am View    
Sorry Richard I had already posted that befor you got back to me explaining it.

build56 8-Aug-22 12:57pm View    
Well thank you VERY VERY much, it nice to goto a site and not to be ask Read the book, are you dum etc etc.
We all have to start some where and this IS A VERY good site .
I will when I get a bit more experance on python BUT I will keep logging in and if I can help Anyone I will
Just one last thing Can I save or copy these text from you and me?
Just in case I for get somthing
MANY MANY thanks
Kind Regards
build56 8-Aug-22 12:47pm View    
Okay all done and working

PLEASE how can I pay you for ALL YOUR TIME?
build56 8-Aug-22 12:37pm View    
if I put in
py c:\
scans all drive c:\ and puts in the folder "build"in the Root of c:\ with all jpg files no problem
BUT if I put in
py c:\fred
It moves all jpg into c:\fred\build with all jpgs

That is no problem becaue I can look in there any way.
But if a did just want to copy rarther the move is that a simple alteration in the scrip
I MUST thank you very much for all your time with me.
Is there anyway I can pay you for you time PLEASE