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Member 15639943 29-Jan-23 10:43am View    
Hi Gerry,
I have not done it, because there is no good documentation, or I have not found the appropriate one. Could you tell me an example or a link where I can see how to do it. I thank you very much for your advice.
Member 15639943 27-Jan-23 10:10am View    
Hi Andre, the link that you indicate helped me solve other problems, but this other one appeared. And I know that it is a ReportViewer version problem. I have Microsoft Report Viewer Control for .Net Windows 150.1537.0 installed, but no solution.
Sandeep, I already tried that one too but with no good results.
I don't want to abuse, but I don't know if I can send the code by email and check the problem directly. Thanks to all. (yes, I know, my english is not good enough)
Member 15639943 26-Jan-23 14:52pm View    
Hello everyone, the answer to this question is very important to me. I know it's not right to ask for help this way, but I need to get this resolved as soon as possible. Regards
Member 15639943 26-Jan-23 12:00pm View    
Thanks for your help and advice.
Member 15639943 25-Jan-23 11:08am View    
Thanks Andre for your time and help, but to be exact, the problem is when I try to put the ReportViewer in the XAML window:
<windowsformshost height="410" width="749>
<rdlcreport:ReportViewer x:Name=" _reportviewer"="">

Show me this message error: "ReportViewer is not supported in WPF projects." How can I solve this? Thanks to all.