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DrDoritos546 29-Aug-21 11:54am View    
I probably should have stated that most of this code is not mine an I do understand how to declare a variable. I wrote the Tkinter part of the code and was helped by some folks over on Stack Overflow. Credit goes to this guy over on Youtube ( for the Huffman coding part of the code. If that answers your question
DrDoritos546 28-Aug-21 13:49pm View    
Oh okay I see, so how would I do that? Would I return input_path from when it is set in the
def decompress(self, input_path)
? First time using this website so I'm not too sure on how to get code highlighted like yours.
DrDoritos546 28-Aug-21 13:08pm View    
I can't figure out a way to instantiate the variable "input_path". Can't think of a way to move the variable into the tkinter class...
DrDoritos546 28-Aug-21 13:06pm View    
Oh, I thought I declared it in the line 'def decompress(self, input_path):'