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bob_smith_0101 12-Sep-22 22:47pm View    
@OriginalGriff Very much appreciate the guidance! Thank you.
bob_smith_0101 8-Sep-22 23:44pm View    
I want to thank you sooo much for your words of encouragement. While I do not need to prove anything to anyone (the roasters), I have a graduate level education and it's when someone takes the time to explain things like I am 5 (love the infosec oddballs of Twitter)...that I am proud I ask questions.

I am VERY good at business, but this forum is not about business is it? Neither would I roast someone for asking questions about business. I would help them.

I realise I am being redundant right now, but thank you again for your post.
Do you have any recommendations of what to study for C++ in a somewhat proper manner?
** If you would please^10000 explain the steps like I am 5, I would appreciate this.
bob_smith_0101 17-May-21 1:24am View    
@Peter_in_2780 Thank you for the guidance. I modified the permissions for that user's home directory using:
chmod 777 user

Then, I did a check using: /var/log/syslog and saw messages to confirm cron was performing this task.

Lastly, I checked the /home/user/ directory to check for the report.txt file and it was there after I changed permissions.
bob_smith_0101 14-Mar-21 7:02am View    

Very much appreciate the insight, much more tactful in response to my query. I commented the code in the main function because I have no idea how what is the proper "coding comment" etiquette, as I was not exposed to this in grad school (i.e., not MY major).

What is meant by "consumers" of the class?

As far as my questions go (related to the whole "etiquette protocol" for comments -- any resource links? YouTube videos? Would be very much appreciated.