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Comments by oLiontas (Top 13 by date)

oLiontas 28-Feb-21 13:17pm View    
Try to fix the json format as it the solution below shows and then use json.parse()
oLiontas 28-Feb-21 12:33pm View    
Why don't you use json.parse() method to the result?
oLiontas 27-Feb-21 5:56am View    
Could you post the typeof result and result as itself? Also why you set result[i]? Do you set the ajax call into a for loop statement?
oLiontas 21-Feb-21 11:50am View    
I answered his question. We are not doing moral education here...This is for another topic.
oLiontas 3-Feb-21 2:41am View    
You must set a variable counter to localstorage. Lets say true or false. If true then you can run the function if false stop.