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Comments by Prachith Goonasekara (Top 8 by date)

Prachith Goonasekara 19-Jan-22 19:15pm View    
I saw about signalIR in the searches, have no idea how that works though. But wont hurt on giving it a try if that sorts this out :D. Thank you so much for your inputs in this. :)
Prachith Goonasekara 19-Jan-22 19:01pm View    
yeah, so then I can refresh only that frame continuously to grab the data right?
Prachith Goonasekara 19-Jan-22 18:52pm View    
Otherwise, update the dataset into a json file and direct that into the view
Prachith Goonasekara 19-Jan-22 18:47pm View    
Yeah! thanks, that's what I was thinking as well, as all the changes to the data is happening in the server side and the client doesn't know about it. And a refresh from the client would not help. Anyway, thanks. So for something like this, webapps are not the solution right. :)
Prachith Goonasekara 19-Jan-22 18:32pm View    
Hi Dave, thanks for the reply, Actually the listening part works. When I call the listener method from the controller, the loop starts working. But only concern that I have is to show those data in the view.