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VD-Flash 24-Mar-23 11:49am View    
You can build GLUI library for Linux too. Here's the GitHub page for it.
And if you want bare metal programming for Linux, just stick to my answer and build everything yourself with any customization you like.
VD-Flash 24-Sep-20 3:26am View    
Yes, we cannot help you with only this much of code and a small description. Please elaborate on the problem you have.😁
VD-Flash 24-Sep-20 3:22am View    
I don't have a powerful PC so I am using Windows 7. I have 3 different versions of Visual Studio (2012, 2013 and 2015). This library is in all of them.
VD-Flash 24-Sep-20 3:20am View    
Thank you for this software.
VD-Flash 24-Sep-20 3:16am View    
Why does Windows use it?