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Comments by QuantumNova (Top 18 by date)

QuantumNova 19-Apr-20 3:26am View    
Ok thanks, will use the method you provided then, much apprciated :)
QuantumNova 19-Apr-20 2:47am View    
Thanks, Much appreciated :)
QuantumNova 19-Apr-20 2:19am View    
Hi, this is great thanks. But just out of curiosity, would there be a way to refer to a button directly using its name in string form as i have tried above?
QuantumNova 19-Apr-20 2:15am View    
No, I have used "active" as a tag just to tell me which i can use later on in the program, it is only a placeholder at the moment, the main thing i would like to know is how i would refer to a button using its name in string form and add a additional tag to that button. If you could help out, it would be much appreciated :)
QuantumNova 13-Apr-20 4:48am View    
ok nice, thanks very much you've been a massive help :)