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benjaminemanuel13 5-Jul-18 12:31pm View    
Thanks for your reply, are there any .lib files that I should be referencing to rid me of the unresolved externals that I have to "hack" to fix?
benjaminemanuel13 5-Jul-18 12:30pm View    
Thanks, the values I've used are actually the IID and CLSID values from dshow.h and strmif.h (included in dshow.h) and they work with the code I've written. I just wanted to know if I was missing something in regard the unresolved externals that pop up at link time that I've "hacked" to work.
benjaminemanuel13 18-Jun-18 6:47am View    
Indeed, I create an IPictureDisp from the bitmap, set the VARIANT Type to VT_DISPATCH, set the VARIANT pdispVal to point to the picture and hey presto, it works! Thanks a lot!!
benjaminemanuel13 17-Jun-18 19:55pm View    
Thanks, but that solution is using (I think) MFC and I'm using raw c++.
benjaminemanuel13 26-Feb-18 10:53am View    
Have you considered parsing the Xml (using System.Xml namespace) and writing out the csv data to a file manually? I'll write the code now and will update when finished...

Have parsed out the headings, now for the data... bbs

It looks like that geezers json->csv site doesn't work properly since the csv data doesn't match your original json data...

To be honest, I don't think that this json is suitable for csv because you have a root with two strings and then two arrays which have different headings, its simply not two dimensional. (Unless you merge the two arrays (b2b and cnd) - is that what you want?). I can send you the code I've written, let me know here.