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Comments by Ahmed AE (Top 25 by date)

Ahmed AE 15-Feb-19 15:31pm View    
i am not trying to hack any thing, please read the question carefully
Ahmed AE 15-Feb-19 11:18am View    
it inserts a 2 rows in 2 relational table that are connected with a foreign key. I want to automatically get the foreign key name between the 2 tables instead of manually writing it and use to to insert data in it
Ahmed AE 21-Apr-18 11:26am View    
people like you makes me love this site
Ahmed AE 21-Apr-18 11:20am View    
thank you very much
Ahmed AE 21-Apr-18 9:45am View    
thank you, again one more question:
how long does the stored procedure last in server? i mean when i close MySQL workbench, and open it again does the procedure will be found, if yes what makes the procedure to be dropped from the server?