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Member 13545401 16-Jan-18 4:55am View    
yes jochen in app.config i will store username and passowrd i.e in key= "username" value="user domiain name "again key="password" value="some password" and so on i will add max 7 system details ok and then i read this key pairs all with help of namevaluecollection class then store in appsettings in sall then use foreach for getting elemnts what i add in app.config but what should functionality i tell i don't know please give me a code jochen i m begginers in .net
Member 13545401 16-Jan-18 3:51am View    
i used foreach to getting app.config file as follows
NameValueCollection sall;
sall = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings;
foreach (string s in sall.AllKeys)
//here what should i write i didn't undertsand
Member 13545401 16-Jan-18 3:48am View    
hey jochen send loop code