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Member 13261094 14-Jul-20 2:02am View    
Not getting any compilation error. It loading library and executing the dll function also. Only thing It corrupts the pSiBatchLauncherApp1 object.
Member 13261094 13-Jul-20 5:42am View    
FireRule() is working fine... It executes the code written in SiJCLJob.dll and return me the correct value in a string . but after that code doesn't work.. it nullify the main thread.

siRuleReturn* FireRule(CObList& list)// in SiJCJoB
Member 13261094 13-Jul-20 1:45am View    
I have debugged the code and It's loading the siJCLJOB.dll and pFunc is not null. After execution of siJCLJOB.dll function, it corrupts the main memory/thread.
Member 13261094 13-Jul-20 1:44am View    
All MFC and DLL are compiled using VS2017 in debug mode.
Member 13261094 20-Mar-20 9:29am View    
When this error occured - exited code-1073741515 (0xc0000135)