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Comments by Maxim Kartavenkov (Top 173 by date)

Maxim Kartavenkov 26-Jan-24 1:38am View    
Nice to hear that. Yes, usually the solution is closer than we think.
Maxim Kartavenkov 25-Jan-24 13:35pm View    
You may need to arrange includes in a different way and order - for example in one VS version I adding includes of some header files or even define some additional things to make any third party code works. if you code not huge you can mail it to me so I can look at the settings and try to build - you can make just simple cut of things which just reproduce the error.
Maxim Kartavenkov 25-Jan-24 13:28pm View    
Interesting what if you define the different value of the _WIN32_WINNT - is it remains the same?
Maxim Kartavenkov 25-Jan-24 12:31pm View    
hm, NTDDI_VERSION should not have the 0x0A00 value, as it's 4 bytes long - so yes it redefined somewhere. You can try to choose different sdk version in the project settings - try different versions. And/or search for NTDDI_VERSION in the Visual C++ Include directories and in project source files - this can be done in Ctrl+Shift+F and select all include directories - this way you can find where it was changed, if there wasn't used any macro.
Maxim Kartavenkov 24-Jan-24 9:17am View    
One time I had similar issue with old project file which were imported from old version of Visual Studio and the reason was that windows version were defined in the project configuration as additional argument, but I were always looking at the wrong configuration platform - maybe that similar in your case?