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Comments by Dinesh Kumar Dora (Top 21 by date)

Dinesh Kumar Dora 3-Mar-23 10:21am View    
Your solution justifies my statement that you didnt understood my question. If you see my description and the attached snapshot, you will understand. Your command will return me a reg file with all the reg entries present under the "Dinesh" key, which is exactly what I dont want. I want a reg key with only "Test" entry. And I am not accusing anyone, I knew you will take me other ways, hence I clearly wrote "respectfully". Anyways thanks for your help and quick responses. I have already tried your commands in my tests.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 3-Mar-23 9:51am View    
Hi Richard, respectfully - I am not sure whether you understood my question/requirement. I wanted to export the reg entry to a reg file, so that it can be imported back directly. I can fetch the values in multiple ways, but i dont want to do that, due to some technical constraints. I simply want a way to export a specific registry entry to a .reg file.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 3-Mar-23 9:28am View    
"REG EXPORT" in a command window also didnt work
Dinesh Kumar Dora 3-Mar-23 9:17am View    
The term 'Export-Registry' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet
Dinesh Kumar Dora 6-Feb-19 13:17pm View    
Thanks a lot Richard, i will give it a try tomorrow and update you on the same