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Comments by Tshumore (Top 29 by date)

Tshumore 4-Jun-21 6:48am View    
I have since removed NewCodesCount and the result is still the same , the flow automatically redirects to else part even when its supposed to go to the URL specified in the If
Tshumore 10-Aug-20 6:23am View    
I have been getting an error whenever i open it in Excel that says : The file format and extension of '' dont match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe.
Tshumore 19-Jul-20 10:30am View    
Just to clarify there is an error when i actually created the SP. The error was on the line
currentSystemDate VARCHAR2(128 Byte); (red line on VARCHAR2 which says Syntax error.Partially recognized rules (railroad diagrams))
Tshumore 19-Jul-20 10:09am View    
Sorry thats a typo , i have amended with the appropriate error block.
Tshumore 18-Jun-20 7:04am View    
server is getting the BizTalkserver record from a database table. I have stepped through the value is correct :
I have even tried to use server name with fully qualified name that specifies the BizTalk database but get same exception :

When i inspect query this is what i get :