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Comments by Atanu Ghosh (Top 10 by date)

Atanu Ghosh 18-Jun-15 5:44am View    
ok. can you give me some idea about how to get the current image id. Thanks!!
Atanu Ghosh 10-Mar-15 23:00pm View    
I have fixed that. Thanks a lot for your help :)
Atanu Ghosh 10-Mar-15 21:37pm View    
For the same ItemBatchNumber SerialNumber should be same for a day. Suppose on 03/10/2015 for WB101 Itembatchnumber generated SerialNumber is 'xyzB1'. So it should be stick to 'xyzB1' if I choose WB101 again on 03/10/2015. Instead of that its generating as 'xyzB2' if I choose same ItemBatchNumber on same day.
Atanu Ghosh 9-Mar-15 10:23am View    
Sorry for late response
Atanu Ghosh 9-Mar-15 10:22am View    
What's the function of @serialnumber1 and @count here??