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Member 11403304 9-Jan-20 15:51pm View    
Thank you so very much Kris. Your solution did fix the problem and data was inserted into database table. Step one is now done. I have other questions that I will post as I continue to develop my web app. Thank you again. It turned out the solution was very simple!
Member 11403304 8-Jan-20 10:18am View    
Thank you Christian. My supervisor does not want me to use what you suggested.
Member 11403304 31-Dec-19 11:14am View    
Hi Richard. I do not really understand what you mean by complete redesign. Can you please explain for? I am new to web development.
Member 11403304 27-Dec-19 14:57pm View    
I am not sure how to add what you suggested selected index to my code. Please help.
Member 11403304 23-Dec-19 16:27pm View    
MadMyche please accept my apology.